Shedrow K9 Mats are made from innovative materials and designs to ensure exceptional comfort. These mats are designed to keep your canine warm and comfortable and prevent them from sleeping on the hard ground. We offer in a variety of sizes and colours to best fit your canine.


Perfect for dogs that drag mud into the house. It easily soaks up water, mud and dirt! Extremely absorbent material and soaks up to 7 times its weight in water and mud. Will help the house stay clean and dry during wet days. This mat dries 5 times faster than other products on the market. Get a dog to lie on the mat when they come into the house and save from mopping up the floor!


Foam layers of varying density offer superior support and comfort while maintaining a thin profile. Slim design makes it versatile for many uses, perfect to use in a crate at home, and small and lightweight enough to take traveling or camping. The outermost layer is non-absorbent and allows moisture to drain out, while the base layer is dense and waterproof to prevent moisture from seeping in. Innovative foam interior is designed to stay structurally firm even with extended use.